• Far from the glamour

    It is 2018 and for soccer fans, we have a much anticipated summer ahead of us with a world cup being staged in Russia. Come June, the best of the best will line up and challenged for the golden trophy.
  • You love football, I love sport

    It is that time of season, that time of year when it almost NFL ends and betting advice or betting picks, well you are to get them there receipts what kind of predictors you really were. But is NFL where true sport lives?
  • Always bet on a bloke from Suomi

    I will tell you a story and this one became part of my bucket list before I even had heard about the concept of lists in a bucket. It involves one of Finland's absolutely most amazing greatest.
  • Strange moments in sports IV

    Fans in sports tend to be extremely loyal, at least once they reach a certain age. With the new Internet era and the videogame generation it has changed slightly where individuals can swap allegation overnight simply because their favourite player has changed clubs. But for most fans, starting to root for another club is unheard of.
  • Strange moments in sports III

    Once in a while sport deteriorates into playground madness with a tad of comedy to add and moments occur which even the best bookmakers could not have predicted. You are sitting there with your betting picks hoping for a game to turn into your favour, when out of the blue all action is elsewhere, outside the pitch.



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