Betting prediction NFL: Tennessee @ Atlanta (pre-season week.1)

Updated: August 14, 2015

Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons - NFL, pre-season
Pick: Falcons
Gamestart: Friday 7 pm (ET) Stake €/$: 10
Best odds: 1.73 @ unibet - Claim your 100% bonus up to €100

Yesterday´s pick, Detroit did their job, and hopefully also filled your pockets with som extra cash. Today, or rather tonight, my pick will be the Atlanta Falcons. The reason is not that the Falcons are sharp, but that Tennessee is terrible. Titans were NFL’s worst teams last year, along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when the Titans only won 2 of 16 games. Atlanta just won 6 games, but their offense led by Matt Ryan at least produced okay, with their 24 points per game on average. For a team that loses over 60% of their games it is a good number. If we take a look at the Titans, they scored nearly 16 points per game last year, and their defense was as secure as a bank vault with sailor knots, when they allowed the opponents to score nearly 28 points per game, second worst in the league. Both rosters have not been strengthened or weakened significantly, but it will be exciting to see Titan’s new QB, rookie Marcus Mariota, now that Jake Locker is gone. If I would rate these two among NFL’s 32 teams, I would put the Falcons as number 16 and the Tennessee Titans as 31. Atlanta is better at all positions and their also playing at home. 1.73 on the Falcons at Unibet feels like a solid bet.

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