Billionaire Premier League Owners Making (or Breaking) their Teams’ Growth

Updated: February 10, 2015

The mere fact that investing in the major football leagues has bigger risks than the usual forms of investment makes the rest of the world believe that the billionaires who own these teams are putting in all their time and effort for the love of English football. That and the instant claim to fame and acceptance in the coolest circles, which money alone cannot buy sometimes. But does the fact that billionaires own these teams also affect the way the game is played?

Is it all about the money? Seeing how Premier League team owners have been running the show (or holding back from playing an active role in it), the amount of money they invest in their teams definitely does not affect the way their teams are performing. A great example is Mike Ashley whose net worth is set at $2.8 billion. All this money does not do much for the club though, as they are being left far behind by the rest of the league. With Stoke City winning against them on February 8th, they are leaving an even deeper imprint at the 11th spot.

There has been so much pressure placed on Mike Ashley to sell the club since last year, especially as fans and supporters of the club see potential conflicts between his ownership of Newcastle United and the Rangers. The fact that the club is not his major source of income could also contribute to his lack of passion in pursuing for excellence, something that could hinder the future growth of the club.

Shahid Khan is another billionaire whose investment has yet to reap serious results. Worth $3.8 billion, he only took over the club in 2013, making him a fairly new face in the scene. This is not his first sports team as he already owned NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars since 2011.

Of course, it may be too early to say that Khan is not catching any luck at all, considering that he has only held the post for over a year. Since he bought the club however, he has already sent three managers packing. He does seem to have a more hands-on approach to the business, as he exhaustively searched for managers who would fit the mold he has set for the club. Kit Symons seems to be doing a great job in this regard. Although considering that Fulham FC is still at the 16th position in the 2014-2015 Sky Bet Championships, it does look like the team has got a long way to go.

Comparing the differences in approach between Ashley and Khan, it is safe to say that no amount of money could change the way the game is played. It would all depend on different factors involved and not just on the decisions that their owners make that could affect their team standings. So if there’s one good betting advice that avid sports bettors could take, it’s all about not including the team owners and their probable whims as the bettors profile possible movement in the way their teams perform before deciding on betting picks. After all, Arsenal is definitely doing extremely well as compared to Fulham and Newcastle United, but you still don’t see Stan Kroenke who is worth $4 billion taking an even slightly active role in making the team better or even in pulling up their financial growth.

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