Blackmail Selfie: Model Tries to Extort $2000 from Jaromir Jagr

Updated: September 29, 2015

While many think the deed is really not a big deal since the legendary sportsman is single and the woman he slept with is of legal age, the story took a bizarre twist post-sex.

The Blackmail Selfie

The woman took a selfie of her and a sleeping Jagr, snuggled up under the covers. As most selfies depict, she puckered up for the camera and flashed the ‘peace’ sign. Selfies are but normal these days as most people take one alone or with a group.

However, the model’s selfie is rather different because it’s supposed to be the picture that will make Jagr pay her more or less $2000. Catherine – or someone associated with the model – tried to blackmail Jagr using the intimate photo. She threatened to sell the picture to the media unless he paid her 50,000 CZK.

What Catherine had not expected with her carelessly planned extortion was Jagr’s response: he didn’t care at all. If only Catherine has consulted the best bookmakers around the world, they could’ve informed her that her malicious plan will just be futile. After all, Jagr has no girlfriend or a wife.

And so when the model blackmailed the player, apparently, his only answer was “I don’t care.”

The Bizarre Scandal

Staying true to her words, Catherine released the photo online.

The story took a weird turn when it was reported that with the release of the post-sex selfie, Catherine has everything to lose. Based on some reports and photos from her social media accounts, she is actually dating Domink Rudl, a hockey prospect. Rudl, the defenseman on the Czech National Junior Team, had often stated that Jagr is one of Rudl’s hockey idols.

The Hashtag #JagrSelfie

Almost immediately after the “scandalous” photo was released online, the selfie was all over the internet. It’s not only the news cycles and sports networks that picked up the story, it made the rounds in several social media sites as well.

As such, selfie memes mimicking the “blackmail selfie” were published everywhere. Hashtag #JagrSelfie also trended since the story was picked up by several international websites.
Fans of the player and netizens alike created their own versions of the selfie. Fans flashing the peace sign and doing the “duck face” took selfies next to humans, pets, stuffed toys, and even bottles of liquor.

So Far…

Jagr, one of the leading point scorers in the history of NHL and a favorite of top bookmakers, couldn’t care less about this scandal. He hasn’t offered any official or unofficial response about it as of yet. It’s safe to say that the Florida Panthers player will not release any statement soon.
Fact: Public embarrassment is one thing, extortion is a crime. Wrong move, Catherine, wrong move.

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