End of an era?

Updated: October 30, 2017

10 games in of the season in La Liga leaves another 28 to play why there’s still a lot of points to chase but leaving an eight point gap to biggest rivals Barcelona this early on is never a great tactic. Especially not considering the two haven’t even met yet and the Catalan’s might very well have extended their advantage with yet another six points by the time both El Clasico have been played. Zidane is in trouble and it seems so is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid is notoriously famous for not having a lot of patience with their head coaches. A classic example is when Vicente del Bosque was fired because the club only managed to win the league during his last season, even though he had coached the club to one league title, two champion league titles, one UEFA super cup, one Intercontinental cup and one Spanish super cup previously. If Real Madrid lose the derby against Atletico mid-November it is quite possible that Zidane will be replaced. The question is who the club has its eyes on, because they do regardless of ZiZou’s current contract, an organization like Los Blancos are always planning ahead.

Another issue at hand is who Real Madrid will bring in to replace Ronaldo, the irreplaceable. Rumours were spreading like wildfire already ahead of this season that C7 was on his way out, and he wasn’t shy to add a bit of fuel to those rumours when he mentioned that a move back to Manchester United would be a delight. This might be the last season when Real Madrid can try to cash in somewhat on a 32-year old Ronaldo, who by all means has a few more good years ahead of him but the time has probably passed where Real can get back anywhere near the £80 million paid to Manchester United for him. One possible move might be Paris Saint Germaine who seem to have and endless flow of cash to play with. But would he fit with Neymar?

Maybe his thoughts are already elsewhere because so far it has been a mediocre season by his measures in the league with only one goal in six appearances. Champions league much better with five goals in three appearances. Perhaps this is the end of an era, with both Ronaldo leaving and Zidane off the bench. The latter will always have a place at a higher position within the club but the question is whether that will be satisfying enough, to sit at board meetings and further away from the action than desired.

The most likely scenario is that ZiZou takes over as head coach for the French national side if France don’t win the World cup 2018 and that Ronaldo gives it one last shot somewhere outside of Spain cometh the end of this season.

/ Zvonko, BettingAdviceUSA.com