Is the EPL becoming continental?

Updated: November 13, 2017

Betting advice and soccer picks related to English leagues are always amongst the most fun much due to very tight race ahead of the season. The Premier League consistently boasts at least four to five clubs highly likely to clinch the title. The Championship is even tougher to predict with its greater number of clubs, sides which very much want to bounce back after relegation, old classic clubs which have been putting in an effort for years to bring back glory of older days when they were part of the very best. Top bookmakers serve more odds for English games than any other competitions and the spectacle is watched all over the world, from China and Australia to Argentina and USA. With the top division being transformed into Premier League, with even more money poured into the clubs and sponsor deals few other countries can dream of, we have also seen a lot more clubs with squads containing some of the best players from across the world, which of course adds even more to its popularity. If a record transfer isn’t being made within England it is made when a player is arriving England, or as in the case of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, when an English club is made an offer simply too good to be refused.

But has the English Premier League reached a point where it might be a tad predictable early on in the season?

We are far off from some of the continental leagues. Spain, Portugal, Germany, even Italy. Spain boasts two big clubs – Real Madrid and Barcelona – who basically swap the trophy between them with the odd exception of a side occasionally sticking their nose in. Portugal has Benfica and Porto who have done the same for decades. Germany has been dominated by Bayern Munchen forever, Borussia Dortmund meddling in their affairs only as of late and Italy, well Juventus are currently prescribing on the domestic trophy and bring it home year after year. But that’s probably not a situation we will see in England for a long time, if ever.

We have, however, in recent years seen a trend where the club reaching the top spot early on during the season, they end up wining the entire competition. We are only 11 games in this year but it does indeed look like Manchester City will finish top spot and get to cruise through the centre of the town of theirs in that open top bus. Not even halfway through the season and Pep Guardiola’s men have created a seven point gap to chasing local rivals United and third placed Tottenham Hotspur.

Last year, Conte’s Chelsea took an early lead in a similar manner where no one was able to catch them. A club such as Arsenal – who are always mentioned as contenders for the title ahead of the season – have to make up 12 points as it stands.

The English Premier League is a fantastic league to follow, but it is starting to feel as if the race is over quite early on.

/ Zvonko,