It’s all over in England

Updated: May 8, 2017

When Tottenham lost at West Ham away during this past weekend, it was the final nail in the coffin regarding this year’s race for the domestic title. Hotspur have been shadowing their London rivals quite well but let’s be honest. This was sealed midway through the season.

Chelsea with their new manager Antonio Conte looked like that unbeatable race horse running past opponents at will. They have been this season’s Seabiscuit and how well Conte has fitted into it all. He is without doubt the signing of the year. Not only has he brought this bunch of lads together in a fantastic way where they seem like a family as much as they do a well drilled football side, he has also been a pleasure to follow pre- and post game interviews. Cheerful, generous with his time for both fans and media, fantastic at the side line both with tactical decisions as well as celebrating the goals in a frantic manner, and he has showed a great sense of humour.

Looking through the list of the best online casinos for betting I was once on the verge of placing a bet at which offered quite a nice payback for a Tottenham win, but thinking twice about it there was no point. Chelsea would clinch this and so they have, in a fantastic way. 26 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses so far, with 4 games remaining. While Tottenham have 77 points and Chelsea 81 points, the latter also have one more game left and there is not a chance Conte’s side will allow this to slip. While Chelsea have Middlesbrough, West Bromwich, Watford and already relegated Sunderland remaining, Tottenham face a tough triplet in Manchester United, Leicester and Hull who are fighting hard to avoid relegation.


One interesting aspect of this season is that a non-British manager will win the championship regardless of the outcome in the last few games. This will be the fourth season in a row where a non-Brit has managed the winning side with Claudio Ranieri-Lecester, José Mourinho-Chelsea and Manuel Pellegrini-Manchester City being the previous. Even more interesting is that it’s been over a decade and a half since an English manager lifted the trophy, that being Howard Wilkinson who managed Leeds United 91-92.

It’s difficult to say why there seems to be such shortage of English quality managers at top level but one thing is for certain, since the likes of Arsene Wenger arrived the football in England has changed immensely, to the better. The brand has become bigger, that’s for sure, but the quality of football has benefited greatly thanks to the arrival of managers from the continent.

Congratulations Chelsea and congratulations Antonio Conte especially, this one you can’t lose.