Josh McCown Named Starting QB for Season Opening

Updated: September 6, 2017

Josh McCown is 38 years old and he’s entering his fifteenth season in the National Football League (NFL). Early last week, it was announced that he is going to be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets in the first week of the 2017 season.

For some of his fans, the news comes as no surprise.

After a tension-filled quarterback battle that lasted for five long months, McCown beat out his teammates Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty for the prized position.

The Jets coach Ted Bowles said that McCown is going to give his team “the best chance to win.”

“He has the best grasp of the offense right now. The other two have gotten significantly better, but he has the best grasp right now,” Bowles explained.

Hackenberg was given the opportunity to shine last season, but based on the decision, it seems like he proved that he is not yet ready to start.

On the other hand, Petty currently has an MCL injury, which he got during a dramatic turn of events in a game where he gave his team three touchdowns. Petty’s outstanding performance during the preseason made him a viable starting quarterback, but his injury simply made it impossible.

Bowles did not confirm if McCown will continue as the starting quarterback after week one.

McCown is valued in his team because he brings experience and leadership to the younger members. Born in 1979, he has been playing professional football for fifteen years. He started his professional career with the Arizona Cardinals after he was drafted in 2002. He was traded for the Oakland Raiders in 2007.

McCown has a very interesting football career.

Aside from the New York Jets, the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders, McCown also signed for the Detroit Lions, the Miami Dolphins, the Carolina Panthers, the Hartford Colonials, the San Francisco 49ers, the Chicago Bears, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cleveland Browns.

In the last fourteen seasons of the NFL, McCown started for six different teams.

McCown just signed his 6-million contract with the New York Jets earlier this year.

Understandably, McCown is getting sentimental as one of the older guys who get to be a starting quarterback.

“It’s such a privilege to play in this league period. But to be at this point in a career and go in and be one of 32 guys to be an opening day starter is something special,” McCown said in an article by the New York Post.

Ready or not, McCown will lead the Jets versus the Bills on the first game of the season this weekend.

Will he be able to keep up with the younger players?

Will he continue to be the starting quarterback after week 1? If not, who is going to replace him?

How will this affect betting advice and betting picks? How will the odds change?

Right now, there are so many questions about McCown’s football career. Majority of them will be answered based on how he performs on September 10.