LA Dodgers’ Left Hand of God

Updated: September 27, 2017

LA Dodgers’ Left Hand of God

Kershaw is the only pitcher who can get 20 wins this season. The other pitchers in MLB with 17 wins like Kershaw are Zach Davies, Zack Greinke, and Corey Kluber. But Kershaw is the only guy left in the field with three scheduled starts. Davies, Greinke, and Kluber all have two remaining scheduled starts and at their best can only successfully get to 19 wins.

Assuming the LA Dodgers gives Kershaw scheduled starts on his three remaining games, he will end at 20-3 for the season if he wins all three. Kershaw’s first game will be against the Philadelphia Phillies. The last two games are against the Colorado Rockies and the San Francisco Giants.

The Man

What’s remarkable about Kershaw is he’s really an outstanding player. But he’s really beating the odds. The number 22 pitcher of LA Dodgers is actually left-handed! Kershaw earned the popular nickname “The Claw” for a good reason. He’s acing baseball games, showing everybody how great he can be. Kershaw has a command of four-plus pitches, striking out 301 batters in the year 2015. In Kershaw’s seven qualifying seasons, he successfully made at least 30 starts except for one season. A Facebook fan even called him the “Left Hand of God”. It’s a well-deserved moniker. Clayton Kershaw is dominating the ballgame.

The Myth

Kershaw, at the age of 29, is still in his prime. In this decade alone, he has won three Cy Youngs, the award given each year to the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. A lot of sports critics agree that Kershaw is the best pitcher in MLB to watch out for this season.

Joined at the Hip

Baseball fanatics cannot help but compare Clayton Kershaw with Sandy Koufax. Even the renowned Vin Scully got confused and called Kershaw as Koufax. Aside from playing for the same team, LA Dodgers, Kershaw shares many comparisons with Koufax.

Like Kershaw, Sandy Koufax also won three Cy Young Awards. The legendary Koufax was also a southpaw lefty with a drop-off-the-table curveball and a strong fastball.

For six years in the 1960s, Sandy Koufax was a strong and a spectacular pitcher to watch. When his career abruptly ended at its peak because of an arthritic elbow, the magic of Koufax’s greatness as a player seemed like a singular event baseball fans would never see again.

But that comparison with Koufax will end this year. There are no signs of Clayton Kershaw slowing down, and he will continue to rule MLB as he has for seven years. He has changed how betting picks are decided in Major League Baseball. Kershaw will still do amazing things in his career and create legendary moments in baseball history.