Lions QB Stafford Signs $135-million Contract Extension

Updated: September 4, 2017

On Monday, the Lions and the 29-year-old quarterback inked a 5-year contract extension worth $135 million.

Yes, you got that right folks, a whopping $135 million.

The aggressive move gives Stafford an average income of $27 million a year, which surpasses the $25 million average annual salary deal recently signed by who used to be the highest paid NFL athlete, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Stafford’s wife, Kelly posted a congratulatory message for her husband on her Instagram account.

“When daddy and mommy whispered to us we would be spending 6 more years in Detroit… hope y’all are as excited as we are!” she captioned a post showing their twins.

Lions receiver Golden Tate also posted a touching message for his teammate.

“The attitude and dedication you bring everyday is contagious. It’s been fun catching passes from you, but I feel like it’s gonna get way more fun. Hope we continue playing together for a long time,” Tate wrote.

How did all this start?

Stafford’s new salary was a big jump from his $53 million, three-year contract extension from 2013, which is about to end this season.

It may be recalled that the Lions drafted Stafford number one almost eight years ago in 2009. He signed a six-year contract with the team, which reportedly contained $41.7 million in guaranteed money and a total value of $78 million.

Stafford has an interesting history with his team. During his first season (2009 and 2010), Stafford only played a total of 13 games because of an injury on his shoulders. In 2016, he played through a dislocated finger on his right hand. According to statistics, Stafford is now on a list of top-50 quarterbacks in the history of NFL.

He has started a total of 109 games for the Lions.

Here are some of his career highs:

  • In 2011, he was able to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season. He’s the fourth player to reach this achievement.
  • He reached 30,000 passing miles after just 109 games. He has the record for being the fastest player to reach this record.

We know that quarterbacks are paid much more than other people on the team, but is Stafford really worth every penny? Will Stafford improve performance with his new salary? What’s a good betting advice?

It’s clear that the Lions wants to move forward with Stafford. The team was willing to pay the hefty price tag because they think Stafford is worth every cent. However, to really improve the odds of winning, he needs the right coaches and the support of his teammates.

With this development, it’s hard to predict what to expect from the Lions this season. Stafford can surprise everyone, including the best bookmakers and the top bookmakers.

So, how do you think will this affect our betting picks?

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