It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll

Updated: December 6, 2017

There was a time when skill alone could take you to the very top in soccer, when you could mosey off after a game or training session, down to a pub and finish the day with a pint or five. There was a time when you could start your day with pints, then hit the training session or turn up for the game and still be among the starting eleven.

Those days are far behind us now and players who want to be true athletes, who want to keep their lucrative contract and compete with the best, they are fully aware that pints mid season with missed training sessions due to hangover will ruin their career in an instant. Odds are they will ruin their life because dropping from such glamorous heights – which the professional soccer circuit after all is – down to a nobody, it has proven to mess with people’s minds in such a devastating manner that depression kicks in.

No, the football players of today the truly professional ones, they don’t mess around and they don’t take any chances. The ones who reach the absolute zenith as the best among many and maintain that position over a decade or more, they don’t get there relying on divinely gifted skill alone. They push themselves even harder once they’ve pushed themselves in there with the best. One obvious example is Cristiano Ronaldo, a superstar in every aspect and one of the most notable perfectionists within this game where top bookmakers have had him as a given candidate to receive Ballon d’Or for, what is it now? Ten years? He didn’t reach that level of superb by chance combined with genetical luck. He has pushed himself one bit further than almost everybody else in soccer and when every other of his team mates sat on the bench wondering why they don’t get a chance in the starting eleven, when they contemplate how come their skill isn’t good enough for this team, when they saunter home fall down in the couch pick themselves as captain on EA Sports FIFA, Ronaldo brings in a personal trainer and has a private session with drills the club hasn’t contractually demanded.

Cristiano Ronaldo is simply an example there are plenty of players out there who do the same. Unfortunately there are still too many players living like it was the 1970’s who stroll down to the pub and think that once they are superstars they will remain so forever.

Sports Fitness Advisor ( ) explains it briefly yet excellently. There is so much more to the game of soccer today compared to how it was in the early days or just a couple of decades ago. A player who wants to win the Champions League, Copa Libertadores or the World Cup cannot rely on skilful nutmegs and fantastic free-kick ability alone. There is so much more to the game today where stamina plays a huge part, where consistency is vital and where well trained youngster can suddenly come out of nowhere, pull your metaphorical pants down, if you don’t keep up during all those hours that are not the 90 minutes of a game.