You love football, I love sport

Updated: December 18, 2017

Oklahoma, Tulsa, Syracuse, Maryland, Purdue, Toledo and so many more.

None of these will make it to this year’s Superbowl yet this is where that very most amazing bit of American sport lives. None of these feature on European television, yet they should. All of these and many more epitomize what sport should be like. College teams where families gather weekly fill the stands up the 100,000-120,000 capacity, and cheer their local team.

It is the closest US of America has ever come devotion for a local team, where we all know one club could suddenly move from LA to New York because the owner wanted so, where one hockey-, basketball- or football club, where it could have its home in Miami one day then move to Phoenix the next. We have all seen this happen so many times.

But not in college, you cannot move a college and by God do the Americans worship their college sides, which is only normal, natural and sane.

We are coming closer and closer to that date when Superbowl end of January will be played, and yes, it is one spectacular evening of amazing fun. It is something reaching beyond those Vespuccian shores, them Maine, Long Island, New York, Floridan, Californian shores and it gets us going here in Europe middle of a Sunday night up until morning, But nothing which ever happens in NFL, it can never compare to what happens in college football.

There is such a pureness in American college football. 100,000 fans do not go to watch the best paid players. They go to watch the best from their own community. They do not go buy hot dogs 5 bucks each, they park their car barbecue with friends outside for hours in advance, to support their very most loved. They make it a day, an event, oh so more so than if suddenly Jets moved in from Winnipeg to Atlanta and then back again.

Yes, NFL is brilliant, fantastic, it is amazing and spectacular but compared to college football it is exactly what it is called; a franchise business.

Fun thing is, ask any European the least interested in American football, I bet you most Americans they would think we know nothing regarding college sports over there. Oh, how we do and know them indeed. I know Syracuse, not because I have a detailed knowledge about the specifics of every single united state, or New York with its immediate area, because I can name at least three players from Syracuse and because it is legendary. Yes, legendary all the way to Europe, although we know that the name for Syracuse in New York was “stolen”, from Italian Sicily.

Everyone knows that the capital of Sicily is Siracusa. Even the ancient Romans did.