Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand Training to be a Pro Boxer

Updated: September 27, 2017

Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand Training to be a Pro Boxer

Facing a New Challenge after an Amazing Football Career

Now, after a much-celebrated career, Ferdinand has announced that he is training to be a professional boxer. Note that he has played for England’s national team 81 times, and won six Premier League titles, just to name a few of his outstanding achievements. Although he has put on muscle mass in his body, he is actively working on his fighting form. Part of his intensive training is sparring pound for pound, throwing a series of strong punches, and incorporating bear crawls in his exercise, which he gladly shares on his social media accounts.

Ferdinand spent 12 seasons with Manchester United and played for the Queens Park Rangers for one year before he decided to say goodbye to his football days in 2015. Now, two years after his retirement, Rio Ferdinand will have his mettle and physical stamina tested in the boxing ring.

Intense Preparations despite being at a Dangerous Age

At 38 years old, Ferdinand is at a dangerous age in professional boxing where the chance of injury is greater. But he’s planning to beat the odds of that happening in a fight. He’s getting ready for the big win in his much talked about boxing debut. Ferdinand is focusing on his game plan, putting on the boxing gloves and conditioning his body with his two personal trainers, former rugby star Mel Deane and esteemed WBC champion boxer Richie Woodhall.

Pro boxers have a solid exacting physical regimen and a broad range of drills that grounds them in the fundamentals of psychology, speed, power, offense, stance, footwork, and range.

The former England football captain will spend hours and hours training in skill coordination, aerobics, sparring, self-defense, and short burst drills.

Rio Ferdinand will have to qualify first and get a license from the British Boxing Board of Control. After this, he will battle it out in an exciting and thrilling match that will be documented on Betfair’s Defender to Contender.

Ferdinand Challenges Pro Boxers

On his Instagram videos, he also jokingly challenged some of the best boxers around, like Tony Bellew, David Haye, and even close pal Anthony Joshua and heavyweight professional Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury reacted to this by offering a helping hand to Ferdinand, posting on his Twitter account: “Looking forward to seeing this. From football star to boxing star, if you need any tips on being a bad a** call me. Good luck.”

Rio Ferdinand may be transitioning to another sport but the betting advice is in favor of Ferdinand. The fact that Ferdinand is on top of his game because he has been playing football for many years will be a great advantage to him in the cruiserweight division where he will likely join.

Ferdinand, who earned an Alpha elite status with his signature graceful style of defensive playing known as the “continental” – will, hopefully, soon earn another notch on his belt and disprove his critics if he successfully survives the savage fighting in the ring.