NFL is venturing west and very much that hemisphere

Updated: December 11, 2017

Betting advice is already in, odds are already placed, the top bookmakers are since quite long setting their sportbook odds where this next venture might suddenly turn out and what it can curveball into. It is heading big time and it can only prosper, with new continents being aligned somewhere in there.

It is estimated that NFL, the owners of the American Football League, that they make a profit somewhere around 12 billion dollars every year. That’s quite a hefty sum, a rather nice lump of money to spread around. But what if you could make twice that amount and a bit more say 25 billion dollars? Well, that’s what NFL is expecting to make if everything what is American football, if all of it suddenly turns world wide viral?

NFL is actually talking about expanding the league to not one more continent, to several.

Not many years ago there was an effort in Europe trying to bring American football becoming a household name through London Monarchs and several German clubs. That died out fast and yet this is where the next generation American football could anchor in Europe. NFL is trying to bring its brand over to Europe year after year with some of the NFL games being played in England. Recently, we’ve seen London host four games, there was even a game in Sweden when Minnesotan Vikings played Chicago Bears.

American football is huge in many countries beyond USA. Growing rapidly as a television sport in England, has a gigantic following in Mexico, loads of followers in Germany and plenty of them rugby nations see the American kickabout as a close cousin. When the higher up there in the NFL see a greater purpose and a chance to expand, they look to all these new venues outside USA. Yes, we will most likely see a new NFL team in Oklahoma or Alabama where college football is massive, where they solidly fill stadiums capacity 90,000 spectators or more weekly, but imagine a league with 40 teams where you have one side in London, one in Berlin, one in Mexico City and one in Paris.

Truth is, for a New York Giants, a trip to London isn’t that much further away than a trip to Dallas. It’s only 6 hours away from the big apple to the Greenwich line. And what do you think this would mean, what would it not impose if all of a sudden we had European sides competing for the Super Bowl? It would of course mean an entire continent would suddenly find a massive interest in that game which to this date has a tad limited amount of followers in Europe. It would be the difference between 12 billion dollars profit, and 25.