Betting prediction NFL: Ravens @ Steelers

A few years ago I read that 80% of all NFL games ends with a win for the team with the highest rated quarterback. If we are to follow the statistics, Baltimore will win this without a doubt, when Pittsburgh's brilliant QB "Big Ben" got hurt when the Steelers defeated the Rams 12-6 last weekend. When Ben Rothliesberger is not playing, it's Michael Vick´s...
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Betting prediction NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Chicago Blackhawks (Game 6)

The Chicago Blackhawks will hoist Lord Stanley´s Cup with a win at home tonight in the United Center. The Blackhawks has an insane stat that speaks for a third Stanley Cup in 6 years. The Blackhawks are 5-0 in Games 5 and 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals if we take a look in the history books. Also 17-1 in Games 5-7 after splitting...
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Betting prediction NHL: Tampa Bay @ N.Y Rangers (Game 2)

All of the Rangers home games during the playoffs so far, has been tight as a pair of spandex in size small on a man who normally wears XL. Game 1 of this series was no exception, when the Rangers Domenic Moore scored the decided goal with just over two minutes left, to make it 2-1 for "Blue Shirts". If we look at the Rangers...
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Betting prediction NHL: Rangers @ Capitals (Game 6)

Time for game 6. Capitals can seal the deal with a victory tonight, leading 3 games to 2 .. This speaks for Washington: - The Capitals has "bounced back" after a loss and won the next game at 4 of 4 occasions during the playoffs. The last game they fell in overtime at Madison Square Garden, when McDonaugh scored for the Rangers. - Home Ground. They do...
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Betting prediction NHL: Montreal @ Tampa Bay (Game 3)

Tampa leads this series 2-0 after two games in Canada, now two home games in the sunshine state awaits. During the regular season Tampa Bay were the best home team in the NHL, winning 32 of 41 matches. They also won 5 of 5 against Montreal, with a 21-8 goal margin. Last year, these two teams met in the first round of the playoffs,...
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Betting prediction NHL: Tampa Bay @ Detroit (Game 6)

Detroit is ahead 3-2 and they will advance to the second round if they win tonight at home at Joe Louis Arena. In the previous two games played in Detroit, the Red Wings won game 3 by a 3-0 score and Tampa won game 4, 3-2 after overtime. In the 3-2 game, however, Detroit had a lot of bad luck, when apart from an...
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