NHL Star Connor McDavid Sustains Injury after Game 13

Updated: November 10, 2015

Edmonton Oilers, also NHL´s first overall pick Connor McDavid sure didn’t bet that after 13 games, that he will be sustaining an injury that will bench him for a long time. The reports says around 12 weeks.
The 18-year old ice hockey player banged onto the end boards under the combined weight of Brandon Manning and Michael Del Zotto of the Philadelphia Flyers during the second period of the game last Tuesday night. When McDavid got up after the hard slam, he was seen supporting his left shoulder with his right hand.
Confirmed by the Edmonton Oilers’ coach Todd McLellan, the promising hockey star sustained a collarbone injury. McLellan further informed the press that McDavid will be out for a “long-term” to deal with his injury.

Game On
Based on several game replays, after getting slammed onto the board, McDavid got up without help and headed straight to the bench. A conversation transpired between him and the team’s trainer, T.D. Forss. After which, the favorite of the betting picks remained seated until the end of the second period. Spectators deduced that this was to avoid any unnecessary jostling that may have happened if he immediately headed back to the locker room.
McDavid was then spotted with a sling to support his arm.

Sympathetic Crowd
McLellan advised McDavid to “keep his head up.” During an interview, he related to the press how he gave the injured player guidance on how to handle the situation. He told McDavid to be resilient and avoid thinking that his first year in the NHL is a bust because he got hurt.
McDavid’s teammates, as well as top bookmakers, are saddened by the event, even after a 4-2 win against the competition. In an interview, Edmonton Oilers’ Ryan Nugent-Hopkins expressed his sympathy for his young teammate. He especially noted that it wasn’t an easy process to go from being a rookie to a professional hockey player, then for the journey to be abruptly discontinued, albeit temporarily.
He expressed how difficult it was for the team and the fans to see McDavid slammed onto the boards by two big guys. Nugent-Hopkins also said that McDavid’s playing skills are already fused well with the overall game plan of the team, and so they will feel the loss in that sense. However, he also stressed that the top priority of the team is to support McDavid.

Not His First Injury
McDavid sustained a fractured bone in his right hand a year ago while he was still playing for the Ontario Hockey Leagues Erie Otters. He had the injury after a fight with Mississauga IceDogs’ Bryan Cianfrone. And although the fractured bone didn’t necessitate a trip to an operating room, McDavid was out of commission for five weeks. His return coincided with the world junior hockey championship.

Top of His Game
Last June, Connor McDavid was drafted first overall by the Edmonton Oilers. He was one of the well-received NHL picks in recent times and for a good reason. Prior to getting injured, he had already scored 12 points in 12 games. This display of skills earned him the honors of being Rookie of the Month.