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Far from the glamour

But there is another world cup being held this year in soccer, ahead of the one which will have billions of viewers worldwide, strategically schedule in May and ending five days of the more known one. Don't expect any top bookmakers to offer the possibility to place bets on this other one and you will not see any betting advice floating around even if...
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You love football, I love sport

Oklahoma, Tulsa, Syracuse, Maryland, Purdue, Toledo and so many more. None of these will make it to this year's Superbowl yet this is where that very most amazing bit of American sport lives. None of these feature on European television, yet they should. All of these and many more epitomize what sport should be like. College teams where families gather weekly fill the stands up...
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Always bet on a bloke from Suomi

Hockey is in all honesty a sport not most of our people in this world follow. Well, there is that sort played on grass, always in summer Olympics which Netherlands, India or Pakistan always manage to win. But we are talking the other kind here, the tougher, the skating on ice. The one when odds are usually in favour of Canada, Russia, perhaps Sweden...
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Strange moments in sports IV

Odds are you have experienced it plenty of times when one set of fans are booing players in the other team. There have been moments when national anthems have been disgraced with pathetic whistles from the stands, club houses have been invaded by furious own fans demanding the resignation of a board they are fed up with and there have even riots on the...
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Strange moments in sports III

It is not uncommon for sidelined players to be given a yellow card in soccer or even a red. Argentinean Claudio Caniggia received a straight red against Sweden in the 2002 world cup, while sitting on the bench. We have seen coaches being sent up to the stands for protesting too loud and even some for getting into a fistfight with players. This happens...
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NFL is venturing west and very much that hemisphere

Betting advice is already in, odds are already placed, the top bookmakers are since quite long setting their sportbook odds where this next venture might suddenly turn out and what it can curveball into. It is heading big time and it can only prosper, with new continents being aligned somewhere in there. It is estimated that NFL, the owners of the American Football League, that...
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