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It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll

There was a time when skill alone could take you to the very top in soccer, when you could mosey off after a game or training session, down to a pub and finish the day with a pint or five. There was a time when you could start your day with pints, then hit the training session or turn up for the game and...
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What 200 million euro does not buy

After years of misery and underachievement, AC Milan fans were finally finding reason to be hopeful. New Chinese ownership, a most generous war chest with millions to spend on new signings and a coach which dared to bring forth youngsters rather than fielding old, slow had-been stars. But how has it gone so far? First things first; Vincenzo Montella has been sacked as head coach...
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Maradona in the desert

In 2010, when the world cup was hosted by South Africa to the noise of the abominable vuvuzela, a certain Diego Armando Maradona was the head coach for the Argentinean squad. They managed to reach the quarter final where Argentina were trashed 4-0 by Germany, which marked an end to the divine hand as head honcho for the national team. But where is he...
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Strange moments in sports II

Strikers in soccer are by all right lauded when they score more than once in a game and scoring three has its own name, hat trick. A perfect hat trick is even more impressive, where a player scores one with his left foot, one with his right and one with his head, in the first half. There are, however, moments when a side wants...
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Strange moments in sports I

Betting advice is tough as it is but when the rules applied are not exactly well thought through, it makes the effort even harder. Some moments in the history of sports have served outright nightmares even for the best bookmakers. The most active gamblers search for soccer picks and odds everywhere, not only among the top rated competitions around the world. It is a mighty...
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Is the EPL becoming continental?

Betting advice and soccer picks related to English leagues are always amongst the most fun much due to very tight race ahead of the season. The Premier League consistently boasts at least four to five clubs highly likely to clinch the title. The Championship is even tougher to predict with its greater number of clubs, sides which very much want to bounce back after...
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