Viva Las Vegas

Updated: October 30, 2017
Viva Las Vegas

Granted Las Vegas is only 28th on the list of most populated American cities but 6th as the most visited, one should think that there has been room for at least one team where both citizens and tourists can go to watch some high quality sports. Between trying to beat the house in roulette or blackjack there is probably a great interest in betting picks among a great number of the casino visitors. With a team in town that market is bound to get a boost. Vegas obviously has its fair share of spots where NBA picks or NFL picks are possible, but a local venue which one franchise calls its home, that’s only happening now and it seems to be happening all at once.

To begin with, Golden Knights Vegas is the latest addition to the NHL and what a fantastic start for this club in their rookie season. Nine games in and they keep winning, which puts them in fourth place overall. Few would have given them much chance in their NHL picks ahead of the campaign but riding strong on an underdog mentality combined with a solid defence (only 19 allowed) they are without doubt the surprise of the season so far. There is still a long season ahead and it would be a surprise if they reach the play-offs in the end, nevertheless a joy to follow the Knights and great things can be achieved here in the future. It is quite possible that Las Vegas which was built on luck and winning mentality can produce a Stanley Cup winner not too far off in time.

The next big sports related event we have ahead of us in Sin City – boxing aside – is the arrival of an NFL franchise. The final decision has been made where both Nevada senate and the NFL voted an overwhelming yes for the arrival of Las Vegas Raiders. Depending on how the finalizing of a new stadium progresses Las Vegas will have its own NFL team in 2020, possibly 2019 when Oakland Raiders make the move from California.

There have been some pending issues regarding funding of the new stadium but none of this has been in the way of a final vote. From being a city predominantly related to spectacular boxing events, Las Vegas will be in the spotlight with both its hockey and football.

Worth mentioning as well are the Las Vegas WNBA team. Formerly Utah Starzz and San Antonio Stars, the women’s basketball team will make its move to Las Vegas ahead of the 2018 season. This has obviously triggered rumours that an NBA team is coming to town and with the pace things are moving currently, that could be quite possible. Plans are being made for a new arena on the north end of The Strip, which would accommodate such a tenant. The question is whether Las Vegas is ready for three teams in such a short time, one in NHL, one in NFL and one in the NBA?

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