When it rains, it pours

Updated: November 10, 2017

The ideology of sports

Sport, or sports. That was always one connecting factor we all could cling onto. The Olympic games, the march in with the flags, the entire spectacle and euphoria around the globe. No one ever booed a flag even though some regimes might deserve it but we acknowledged the women and men who participated rather than that friggin’ flag they came in under. We never, ever mixed those women and men, with what current megalomaniac dictator was at present ruling. We even – sometimes – felt sorry for those athletes. Right or wrong we felt some sympathy and perhaps even rooted for them a tad more because we felt sorry for them than any animosity.

You know exactly what I mean.

You have seen North Korea march in during the Olympics and when they do your instant thought is what a messed up place that is, and at the same time you feel for the athletes, wish them a special well not least because of the messed up place they live in.

But sport has become very political and it’s a very sad venture to watch happen. Now, sport is even used as a tool to promote politics. My own passion AC Milan, it was used by the ludicrous owner Berlusconi to promote his own career. This happens all the time if one opens one’s eyes. Romania, Croatia, Spain in Catalunya, the Basque club Bilbao where they never allow any Spaniards, only Basque players, and it goes one from the smaller clubs in European leagues where a rich man (or even woman) wants to shape his career through the popularity of football, to the – and let’s be honest now – oligarch who buy Premier league clubs through which they laundry their own image and self esteem.

Sport is not what it used to be. Unfortunately involved in politics is where it’s become. Try to place a bet next time which city will host the world cup in soccer or which city will host the next summer Olympic, a safe bet is to say that both committees will decide their host on a political basis. Not a humanitarian, as they did in FIFA with Qatar hosting the soccer world cup 2022. There is no reasonable sense in a world cup being played in the midst of a desert, under a sun which will burn holes in players, in a nation which has never, ever qualified for a world cup, unless there is political money involved, which there obviously is.

It’s a sad state we’re in. This most pure of everything has been kidnapped and turned into the most devastating business, politics.

Sometime a long time ago sport was sport and it was amateurs competing where the most skilful woman or man won. Now, it’s as much the most sponsored one, which brings us to the next level of devastation, doping. But that’s another story.

/ Zvonko, BettingAdviceUSA.com